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      To make Delhi - Power Surplus

Pragati Power Station

To bridge the gap between demand and supply and to have reliable supply to the Capital City, a 330 MW combined cycle Gas Turbine Power Project was set up on fast track basis. This plant consists of 2 x 104 MW Frame 9-E Gas Turbine Units commissioned in 2002 – 03 and 1 x 122 MW STG Unit commissioned in 2003 – 04. Gas supply has been tied up with GAIL through HBJ Pipeline. The station is performing satisfactorily meeting the targets set by DERC and CEA.

Salient Features

  1. Due to paucity of water this plant was designed to operate on treated sewage water which is being supplied from Sen Nursing Home & Delhi Gate STPs.
  2. Emission of oxides of nitrogen (Nox) has been limited to 35 PPM, lowest in the country, for which special technology is used by installing Dry Low Nox Combustors.

With the commissioning of Pragati Power Station, total capacity of IPGCL & PPCL is 994.5MW and all our efforts are made to maximize the generation.


A contract was signed with M/s BHEL for installation of 330MW gas based power plant in the vicinity of 220V, I.P. Extension, Switchyard on 05.05.2003. The station is comprised of 2x104MW gas turbines of GT Frame-9E and 1x122MW steam turbine. The Waste Heat emanating from gas turbines is being utilized to generate 122MW power through steam turbine. The hot gases of 560o centigrade with a mass flow of approx. 14000 metric ton per hour is passed through 02 Nos. waste heat recovery boilers of generate steam. The environmental friendly quality power generation through this station is pumped to 220kV Sub Station of Delhi Transco Limited and the entire power is being utilized by citizen of Delhi.

The primary fuel for gas turbine is natural gas being supplied by M/s GAIL through HBJ pipe line. The gas is received at GAIL Terminal installed in the vicinity of the power station. M/s GAIL is committed to supply 1.75 MCMD of gas on daily basis. The caloric value of natural gas being received for power generation is in the band of 8200-8500 kilocalories. The secondary fuel for gas turbine id HSD/Naptha, which is to be used only in case no gas supply is available. Demineralized water is injected to control Nox. While machine is operated on Liquid fuel i.e. HSD/Naptha.

Raw water requirement is met through Sewage treated water being drawn from Sen Nursing Home and Delhi Gate Sewage Treatment Plant. The demineralized water requirement for steam generation is met up through sewage treated water by treating this through RODM (reverse osmosis de-mineralised) process. The production of cooling water requirement for condenser and other equipment is also met through STW after processing through Lime softening system. The plant effluent is discharged to river Yamuna after naturalizing and thus the effluent discharge is better than sewage water. Infact cleaner water is being discharged to Yamuna River, making the project more eco-friendly.

In order to make control on flue gas emission specifically Nox. & CO2 a special emphasises being given. To control Nox & CO2, State of art, Dry Low Nox. (DLN) Burners have been installed on gas turbine while on natural gas. While the machine is to run on HSD/Naptha water injection arrangement has been provided to control the Nox. & CO2. at present the value of Nox. & CO2 is in order on 17-18 PPM and 4.22% respectively on base load while O2 is 15%. The allowable limit of Nox. approved by DPCC (Delhi Pollution Control Committee) is 35 PPM, however, there is no cap on CO2 emission.

This is the first plant in India with a facility to control Nox. emission and is an eco-friendly power station.

Also a thick belt of plantation has been grown on periphery of the power plant and small slim bs in side the power plant to make it envormant friendly.

The total value of installation the power plant is approx. Rs. 1077.30 crore, which is met by drawing loan from Power Finance Corporation Ltd. and equity of 30% from Delhi Govt.

The plant is now fully stabilized and average plant load factor is 90+ during the month of August and September 2003. All efforts are made to aclive higher plant load factor.

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